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    Welcome to the Mixed Mama Project. This is my blog, hot off the presses, where I will share with the world my pregnancy, my path toward motherhood, and my views on raising a biracial child in today's society...amongst other things.

    I'm kind of no-nonsense. I'm certainly sarcastic. I won't sugarcoat. I am by no means your typical mama.

    I'd love to hear about your experiences as well; I respond to every comment. This whole motherhood thing is new to me, so bear with me!

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My baby dances better than your baby

My baby dances better than your baby. Seriously. My baby is at 21 weeks gestation, and s/he already knows all the moves to Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance. I know this because everyday when I shower (ok, so maybe I don’t shower everyday…don’t judge) I listen to Ga, and baby nearly jumps out of my uterus. … Continue reading

From fashionista to frugalista: How I’m clothing myself during pregnancy

Today, it happened. I swore to the deep depths of my soul that it wouldn’t. That I wouldn’t sink to that level. But I did. It happened before my very eyes. I bought clothes from…WAL-MART. I don’t even know who I am anymore. First, I am cooking extravegent home-cooked meals. And now I am walking … Continue reading

So easy, even I can make it

My path toward motherhood goes straight through the kitchen. In our past life, the fiance and I ate out every chance we got, only cooking by necessity or when the mood struck us. But now, as I am becoming more conscious of the food that I put into my body (and therefore baby’s body) I … Continue reading

Baby at 14 weeks

Who do you think you are?

Has anyone seen the show Who Do You Think You Are? Celebrities trace back their ancestry as far back as they can. It’s really interesting. For example – Sarah Jessica Parker found ancestors who were involved with the California Gold Rush and the Salem Witch Trials, Brooke Shields found she is a descendent of a … Continue reading

Updates from the baby factory

My internet was out of commission for about a week. But now we are back to our regularly scheduled blog 🙂 Ever so slightly, things seem to be looking up. The fiancé and I managed to talk through most of our issues and seem to be on the same page again. He’s even back to … Continue reading

Oh, those sweet pregnancy dreams

Pregnancy has been known to induce some rather peculiar dreams. I’ve had the eerie, the scary, the vivid, and the psychic. I’ve had so many dreams about my little one. Very early in my pregnancy, my deep paranoia came out in my dreams. I was so scared of losing him/her that I dreamt about miscarrying … Continue reading

Vegas is no place for a pregnant lady

When I was 15 weeks pregnant, it was time to travel to Vegas for my sister’s wedding. When she originally had the idea of a destination wedding in Sin City, I had a completely different experience in mind. Instead of late nights in clubs and casinos, it was afternoon naps and granola bars. It was … Continue reading

Letter from Daddy

Baby, before I even start to write this letter, I just wanted to introduce myself to you as your father. It might be a few years before you are actually able to read this and fully understand it, but it will mean that much more to me when you finally are able to. You might … Continue reading

Does pregnancy come with an instruction manual?

I think it’s about time I actually start writing again. I am now 17 weeks, 5 days pregnant. The pregnancy came as a total shock. We got engaged just a few weeks before it came time to buy a home pregnancy test. We weren’t even sure this was what we wanted. But when it comes … Continue reading

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