Vegas is no place for a pregnant lady

When I was 15 weeks pregnant, it was time to travel to Vegas for my sister’s wedding. When she originally had the idea of a destination wedding in Sin City, I had a completely different experience in mind. Instead of late nights in clubs and casinos, it was afternoon naps and granola bars. It was all worth it, though, on the big day. Below are some photos from the wedding (you’ll notice fiance is missing – he couldn’t make it!):

The ceremony was at beautiful Mandalay Bay, Valley of the Falls

Smoochy, smoochy! That’s me holding the flowers, by the way.

Groom’s sister, my -other- sister, and…me!

The entire wedding party.

Just the girls.

The ladies, just hanging out, fake laughing.

A paparazzi shot of yours truly.

The wedding party and family. One of my favorite photos.

I can’t wait to see the rest of the professional photos – after the ceremony we took a bus around Vegas to take more pictures. It was rather….interesting 🙂

Photo credit: Cashman Pro, Joey Allen, and random family members whose photos I stole from Facebook.

4 Responses to “Vegas is no place for a pregnant lady”
  1. Kerrie G. says:

    The photos are awesome! I love the one of the whole wedding party!

  2. I saw the link to your blog on Babycenter and thought I’d check it out.

    These are some great pictures. Congratulations to you on your pregnancy and your sister on her marriage!

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