Who do you think you are?

Baby at 14 weeks

Has anyone seen the show Who Do You Think You Are? Celebrities trace back their ancestry as far back as they can. It’s really interesting. For example – Sarah Jessica Parker found ancestors who were involved with the California Gold Rush and the Salem Witch Trials, Brooke Shields found she is a descendent of a string of French kings, and Emmitt Smith traced his family’s slave history and even found which country in Africa they were from, and then visited it.

In my family, I’m fortunate enough to have genealogy nuts on both my mom’s side and my dad’s side, so I already know quite a bit. For example, my grandfather (dad’s side) is distantly related to Princess Diana and my mom’s great grandfather discovered the town I grew up in (which I insist makes me royalty :P).

Fiance’s side is a bit more difficult, of course. We did find out a few things though. We thought he had African American (unsure of which African country), Jamaican, and German. But we recently found it that in addition to that he also has Austrian and Antigun. All four of his grandparents are actually from different countries, which is kind of neat.

Has anyone else done this for themselves or children? It’s addicting once you get into it! It’s like playing detective 🙂


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