I am the youngest of four to divorced parents. Though I hated it at the time, growing up in the Midwest was great. No, I didn’t live amongst the pigs or drink milk straight from the cow’s teet. I did, however, grow up with that strong Midwestern work ethic.

Sprouting from that, I always had lofty goals for myself. I migrated all the way from Wisconsin to Minnesota for my college years and loved every minute of Minneapolis. But one of those aforementioned goals was to move to New York City, so I did just that.

It happened quite quickly: I was there for a visit on December 18, by December 24 I had a job lined up, and on January 3 I was on a plane with two suitcases of my belongings (which, in my world, were clothes and shoes).

Clearly, I’ve always been quite independent and what I call a relative risk taker. Like many other experiences in my life, moving to New York on my own was a roller coaster–exhilarating and liberating, yet scary and intimidating. I learned a lot, about myself and about the world.

Alik and I - Rivington Hotel - Penthouse Rooftop

Though it ended, shall we say, not ideally, I will never regret moving there. New York is where I met my fiance. I do have some lovely memories from New York–99% of which are with my fiance–but it isn’t a place I can begin to imagine raising a child. I want my child to have a yard and his or her own space in which to thrive and grow, not live in a 12×12 box with Mommy and Daddy.

I guess my Midwestern roots are showing, as my habit of lofty-yet-realistic goal setting has now transferred to my child.

2 Responses to “Mommy”
  1. citymouse says:

    You guys look great! I understand how having a baby makes you consider where you live, We ended up living back in rural Maryland after we started our family because we wanted a calmer, peaceful life for our kids, close to family. Some days I miss the city, but overall, I am glad we made the decision we did. Four of my five sons have dated women from other races. I totally expect to be the grandmother of a bi-racial child and can only think how beautiful they will be! Enjoy your pregnancy. Every pregnancy is awesome, but the first is truly special.

    • Erin says:

      Thanks for the note! I grew up in a rural area, so it’s kind of just what I picture when I think of childhood, ya know? Although I’m sure city living does have its perks 🙂 I think we will end up in a suburb of a large city (I can’t picture Alik too far from the conveniences of a city). And I’m sure whatever race your grandchildren end up being, they will be beautiful!

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