When you’re pregnant, whether expected or not, it can feel like an alien has taken over your body. The hormones, the sickness, the discharge, the smells. (Oh, yes.) Below are some of the resources that have really helped me thus far in pregnancy.

BabyCenter: BabyCenter has a wealth of information about pregnancy, delivery, raising children, etc. Their information is provided by respected OB’s and other experts. I love their weekly emails telling me what to expect during my pregnancy. I have found their Community is especially helpful–there really is a group for any sort of parenting choice or lifestyle out there.

What To Expect When You’re Expecting: This book has been around for-ev-er. I knew about it even before I was pregnant. It was on my shopping list; however, I was lucky enough to be given it by my doctor at my first prenatal appointment. That said, It certainly isn’t a book to read cover-to-cover. I use it as a resource if I have any questions regarding something funky going on with my body, or just to see where baby’s development is currently.

The Bump: I definitely don’t use The Bump as often as I do the previous two on this list (or even as often as I was using The Knot when we first got engaged). When I need to switch up my resource regimen I log in to The Bump. I love their fool-proof Chinese Gender Chart.

Know of any other great pregnancy tools or resources I am missing out on? Suggest them in the comments!


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